We get a lots of emails from people looking to write articles for us. This page is designed to give you all the information and guidelines so that you can get started writing for us without wasting your time or ours with email.

The primary and most important point is that your topic must match the topic of our website. It must be directly related and not my some abstract stretch of the imagination. Below I have included a link to most of our sites. You can almost certainly find a site that matches your topic.

The secondary requirement is that your article be original. We will check with copyscape, google and other resources. At this time we are deleted close to 100% of the submissions made by outsources in India, Pakistan and other countries that are submitted low quality text that is a direct copy of what has already been published on hundreds of websites.

Your articles must be written in decent English, with reasonable spelling and punctuation. For our Spanish sites, of course, the article must be in Spanish. Any submissions a language that does not match the website, will result in the immediate and permanent suspension of your account!

All of our websites are forums and articles are submitted directly to the site, by you. We do not accept any kind of article submission, or question via email. Any such emails are reported as spam and deleted.

You may consider submitted a short, thought provoking article of 100 or 200 words, the result will be much better than a long piece that has been copied from some where. After you have had several submissions approved by the moderator, you will be able to include one link with each article. Any attempt to include links or email addresses in the text of your article will result in deletion of the links, article and/or your account.

Please select the most appropriate site for your topic.

We are also looking for Expats in Uruguay who are looking to write about their experiences: Uruguay! Write for us

Stateless people, refugees and indigenous peoples

We are helping organize a group that will help bring a voice to Stateless people (including refugees and indigenous peoples). We want to look at how technology (especially Bitcoin) can be used to not only help the political situation of these people, but also their economic opportunities.

The first phase of that project will be to give a voice to those who wish to be independent reporters, story tellers and commentator on the related topics. We would be delighted to see some article profiling any Stateless people who are accomplishing something in their lives. We would also like to see oped pieces written by Stateless people, refugees, and indigenous that don't usually have the opportunity to share their viewpoints.

Although the preferred languages for these reports would be English or Spanish, we are willing to accept submissions in any language. We would also like to include photo(s) with each article.

For more information please see: Full Disclosure News Service.


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